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Welcome Team Captain,

Thank you for deciding to join us in an upcoming Urban Sports 5-a-side soccer season. We wish you and your teammates the best of luck.

Please complete the following form, and accept the accompanying terms and conditions as stated below.

Please note it is important that you fully understand all terms and conditions and rules as set out below before you submit your team registration.

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    Terms and Conditions for Teams and Players:

    1. Fees and Payment
    1. (Updated 2021/10/01)
    2. League game fees currently vary by league night:
      Monday Nights: R350 per game
      Tuesday to Friday Nights: R400 per game
    3. Friendly game fees currently vary by league night:
      Monday Nights: R250 per game
      Tuesday to Friday Nights: R300 per game
    4. If you will be paying for your season upfront, you will receive a discount of one and a half games. The upfront cost of a 10 team league is R3000 (This includes 9 league games). This payment must be made within the first week of the league start date. Only the full payment of R3000 will make your team eligible for the discounted rate. After week one, ANY additional payments will result in a credit to your account but WILL NOT count towards the season discount. It is your responsibility to confirm if you are paid in full.
    5. Teams who compete in more than one league will be eligible for a R70 discount per weekly game, provide their account is not in arrears.
    6. ALL TEAMS, regardless if you are taking up the upfront discount or choosing to pay game by game or making payment via EFT must make full payment for the first night’s game before you will be allowed to play.
    7. PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY. Teams who have opted to pay per game must collect a token from the league manager on the night before the scheduled kick off time. The game clock will activate promptly at the scheduled time regardless of whether your team is ready or whether your team is waiting on players to arrive. For every 5 minutes delayed, the opposition will be awarded 2 goals. Failing to show by half time will result in a 10-0 forfeit against your team and your team will be liable for the full game fees.
    8. No outstanding balances will be carried into new seasons. All outstanding balances must be settled on or before the final night to secure entry for the next league.
    9. Please note that the above league upfront payment and prize guidelines are based on a 10 team league and will scale accordingly with 8 and 6 team leagues.
    2. Game and League Rules
    1. Please familiarize yourself with our online 5-a-side rule book by clicking here. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and your team with our rules before you arrive for your first game. No further explanations will be provided.
    2. Please note team captains will be required to sign off your game score sheet with the referee and acknowledge the final score. In the spirit of fairness, NO changes will be made once this has been signed off.
    3. Should you have a query regarding the tracking of your goals, please email info@urbansports.joburg and include all relevant information. We will then investigate and respond to you within 48 hours.
    4. As this is a competitive league structure with cash prizes, in the spirit of fairness all teams who win their division will be promoted to the next division at the start of the new season (if a higher division exists). Teams who finish last in their respective divisions will also be relegated to a lower division (if a lower division exists). Please note no exceptions will be made.
    3. Fixtures, Game Times and Amendments
    1. All fixtures are maintained on our website
    2. It is your responsibility as captain to make sure all players are aware of the fixture times.
    3. Games start promptly at the specified time, and each 5 minute delay results in a goal for the opposition. Please inform your players regarding this rule.
    4. In the spirit of fairness, each team is allocated the same amount of equal game time slots across the 9 week league. Time slots will vary from week to week. To keep this fair we unfortunately will not be able to make adjustments to allocated time slots for teams and thus the drawn up fixture list and game times are final. Game start times vary between 18h30, 19h15, 20h00, 20h45 and 21h30. Please familiarize yourself and your team mates with this before committing to a league. Accepting the terms below means you acknowledge this point.
    5. Only 1 reschedule per season is allowed, and this must be made 24hrs before the game. No further fixture changes will be allowed for your team for the season. Please note you may NOT reschedule the first or last game of the season.
    6. The start time for postponed games may vary from the original time slot.
    7. If you and your team cancel on the day or do not show up, you will be liable for a full game payment and lose the game 10-0.
    8. Should your team forfeit any games, you will no longer be eligible for prizes at the end of the season
    9. If your opponent’s forfeit or reschedule you will be offered a friendly at a discounted rate.
    10. Should your opposition forfeit, your team captain will be allowed to nominate one player number to receive a goal tally of up to 3 goals.
    4. Early Exit of the League
    1. Should your team withdraw from the league at any stage your team will be liable for the remainder of the “FULL” league fees. This applies to teams which are removed from the league due to NON payment or fighting and abuse (see below).
    5. Fighting and Abuse
    1. Any fighting or abuse towards other players, spectators and our REFEREES and staff will not be tolerated. Any physical violence will result in an immediate BAN for your entire team from Urban Sports. It is the responsibility of a team and its players to keep each other in-line and avoid being banned collectively. Any player who brings harm to another player, spectator or Urban Sports representative will be held liable and may face criminal charges. All action on and off the field is monitored using CCTV and this may serve as evidence of such offences.
    6. Player Registration (Goal Tracking)
    1. At Urban Sports we track goal scorers throughout each league night. How this works is each player is assigned a unique number which remains theirs forever (regardless of the team you are playing for). When you score, the referee will ask for your number. You can view these stats on our website. It is your responsibility to register your team mates (or forward on the instructions to your players) on our website for players: http://player.urbansports.joburg. Without a number, no goal tracking will be made against names on the night, so for new teams we suggest this is done before you arrive for your first game. We appreciate your understanding.
    7. Prizes
    1. Only teams with a ZERO outstanding balance and no forfeits for the season will be eligible to receive their league prize should they top the log. Please note this also applies to individual prizes such as golden boot winners, your team will need to have a zero balance in order to receive your prize.
    2. Teams may not offset their outstanding balance with any individual or team winnings. You must have settled your balance (if any) on the final night of the league.
    3. Prizes Per League and Division (As of 2021/10/01)
      Winning Team:  R1600 league credit towards your next season + 8 team medals
      Top Goal Scorer: R600 cash back (or discount toward your teams account balance)
    4. Please note that the above prize guidelines are based on a 10 team league and will scale accordingly with 8 and 6 team leagues.
    8. Safety of your belongings
    1. Please keep all valuables secured with friends who are spectating or within your vehicle. We advise against leaving anything in bags on the side-lines unattended as theft may occur.
    2. We have our own Security Guard in the bottom parking lot, where we suggest all teams park their vehicles.
    9. Disclaimer
    1. Any persons entering the Urban Sports premises and/or making use of their facilities does so entirely at their own risk. The directors, management, agents and employees accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage of any property or injury, harm or death of any person whether negligence is found or not. You as the nominated captain of your team act on behalf of it as its representative, and accept these conditions without reservation and undertake to inform any current and future team members of our rules, regulations and disclaimer of liability.


    Before submitting, please take note:
    Once you have submitted the form above, a league manager will make contact via the contact information provided. Please allow up to 48 hours. Only once confirmed with a league manager will your spot then be guaranteed in your chosen league night. 

    All terms stated above will be available in your confirmation email for you to review and forward on to your team mates.

    If you have any questions, please email info@urbansports.joburg so that we can assist you before your first league game. Once submitted we will assume that you and your teammates have read and understood our Rules and Regulations and terms of service.

    Please note it is your responsibility as team captain to inform your players of our rules and regulations ahead of your first league game as no further explanation will be provided.

    League Fixtures and Standings