Frequently Asked Questions – Urban Sports


1Where can I view the Urban Sports 5-a-side soccer rule book?

We have a comprehensive rule book for 5-a-side Soccer as well as for general rules at our venues. Click here to view the rule book online.

2On what days/nights are league competitions held?

Currently we offer 5-a-side soccer league divisions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. As soon as we get enough interest for other nights and weekends, we will create new leagues.

3Can I choose what night of the week I play?

Yes, if there is a vacancy you can join right away, if not you may choose another night or wait until a vacancy comes up on your chosen night. Some league nights may offer two divisions for different levels of competition. Please speak to an Urban Sports League official for more information on our different divisions.

4Do I need to have a team already or can you team me up with players?

It is better if you have a team, but if not we can place your details on our ‘Find A Player’ system  and try to match you up with other players or a current team looking for players.

5Are referees included?

Every league match is refereed by trained Urban Sports Officials with lots of experience in officiating 5-a-side games.

6How many teams are there is each division?

We offer a full range of league competitions. Most consist of divisions of eight to ten teams (max ten teams), although some leagues do vary from this standard size.

7How long is a season?

The standard league season sees all teams play each once, and depending on the size of the league, twice. A standard 10 team division should last 9 weeks, with possible catch up games if bad weather results in cancellations.

8When will the next season start?

All Urban Sport Arenas run a number of different leagues so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get a placement! However, we can fix you up with pre season grading games allowing us to place you in a division suitable to your team’s skill level. Please contact us for more information.

9Is there promotion and relegation at the end of each season?

At the end of each season, there is the added excitement as teams battle to gain promotion or to avoid relegation. Most of our leagues feature two-up and two-down promotion and relegation.

10I’m not sure how the standard of my team will compare with other teams in the league, how do I know that we’re not going to end up getting thrashed every week or playing games that are too easy?

We will ensure that your team plays a grading game to help you find the right level of competitiveness before you join a Urban Sports league. Thereafter, regular promotion and relegation will ensure that your team will continue to play at the level that suits them best.

11How many players can my team use for a match?

For 5 a side leagues a maximum of eight players per game may be used.

12How many players can my team use throughout a season?

Teams may register up to 20 players and no player can be registered to more than one team in the same league division. Players may not transfer their registration to a team in the same division during the course of a season.

13Do my players need to wear shin guards?

It is not required, but highly recommended.

14What footwear should we wear?

Training shoes, moulded soles astro boots, or rubber/plastic studs. NO screw in studded footwear, metal studs or blades. Players who do not comply will not be allowed to play until the correct footwear is used.

15Do we need to wear matching strips?

No, but it does help. Wearing the same colour of top can be useful if you have no strips. Bibs are available for league games.

16What prizes do the teams with the most points in each division win at the end of the season?

Please refer to our latest league pamphlet for an up to date list of prizes available, or speak to your league night manager. We offer prizes for both the winning team per league division as well as the top scorer in the division.

Please note: To be eligible for team prizes and / or discounts awarded to teams at the end of the league, your team must have played in all scheduled league games and have no outstanding fees due to Urban Sports as of your last fixture. Any forfeits, cancellations or no-shows without proper notice to Urban Sports as per our terms and conditions will result in your team NOT being able to claim any league prizes due to your team on completion of the current league.

17How do I go about joining one of the leagues at Urban Sports?

It couldn’t be easier, click here to get started.

18Can my team join a league mid-season?

Yes, providing there is a vacancy available, click here to get started.

1What facilities are provided at the venue?

At both our Marks Park and Pirates Arenas we offer secure boomed off parking for all players and guests, as well as access to our change rooms. Use of the of bar area and restuarant is available to all, great for post game catch ups over a beer and some food.

2How many players are allowed to take part in a social booking?

Strictly no more than 14 players are allowed per social booking, regardless of the time booked. There is also a maximum of 10 players (5 per side) allowed at any given time on our pitches.

If you require a booking of more than 14 players, we recommend either making use of two fields for your booking (each field to be booked separately, as well as subject to availability), or alternatively contact us for assistance with an Event Booking.

3How many players may be on the field at any given time

A maximum of 10 players (5 per side) allowed at any given time on our pitches. All players above the age of 10 are required to wear the correct footwear. Strictly no metal studs allowed.

1What payment options do you offer?

For all payment options as well as our banking details, click here.

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