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For New Teams

Team Information Pack

Dear Team Captains and Players,

Thank you for joining an Urban Sports 5-a-side League night at our Marks Park Arena. Below is a list of points we think you and your players will need to know regarding the upcoming league.

Please Note: To register for your player number (required for goal scorer tracking, captains may submit on behalf of players), or to retreive your player number, click here

Table of Contents:

League Officials
League Night Official Head Referee
Monday Dash

(084) 333 3124

Tuesday Pedro

(071) 284 4131

Thursday Pedro

(071) 284 4131

Friday Pedro

(071) 284 4131

Fixtures, Log Tables and Results

All upcoming league game fixtures, log tables and past fixture results are available on our website for you and your team mates to view at anytime. We have created quick access links for you to access depending on your league night (See below). Please circulate this to your team mates so that you may all follow your team’s progress as well as keep track of your personal stats.

It is important to note that team captains and players must use the fixture list on the website as the confirmed times for their games and must inform their Urban Sports league night official if their team will not be able to make the fixture in advance (Please see below for conditions on cancellations and “No Shows”). It is up to team captains to check these times on our website and inform his/her team of their playing times and ensure the team has enough players to make the game. Urban Sports will inform any affected teams should there be a cancellation due to a rescheduling of their opposition, bad weather etc.

League Night League homepage
Watch your Action Replay Videos online

To register for your player number, or to retreive your player number, click here

Game Times, Cancellations and Arriving Late

Your team’s fixture start time slots vary from week to week and will range from 18:30, 19:15, 20:00, 20:45 and 21:30. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your game to allow time to change, provide the referee with your team player names so that your goals can be allocated to the correct players (as top goal scorers win prizes) and to settle any outstanding fees before kickoff.

Games will start as scheduled and any team which is late will be penalised 1 goal for every 5 minutes that the game is delayed. No additional time will be added once a team has arrived. If there are 3 players available for a team, the referee may instruct play to commence.

Should your team “NO SHOW” for any game, your team will be liable for the “FULL” game fee (both teams game fee). The game will be a forfeit and the score being 3 – 0 to the opposition. Two “NO SHOWS” and your team will be withdrawn from the league and will be liable for the remainder of the league fees.

There is only “ONE” postponement per team per season allowed. Should your team NOT be able to make any fixture, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to Urban Sports so that we may re-fixture that game. Should it less than 24 hours notice be given, the game will be forfeited and your team will be liable for the “FULL” game fee (both teams game fee), and the score will be 3 – 0 to the opposition. This will also exclude your team from being eligible for the prize for winning your division should your team top the log.

Postponed/Re-fixture games could be played at a late timeslot as well as a different night to your usual night and might have two games on one night.

Teams “MAY NOT” postpone/reschedule the first or last game of the season, as well as the “FINAL” round. Games are also scheduled and played on public holidays.

Should your team withdraw from the league at any stage your team will be liable for the remainder of the “FULL” league fees.

In the event of bad weather, games will still go ahead. Should there be severe lightning, and at management’s discretion, games may be called off.

Games go ahead as usual on public holidays.

Should your opposition not be able to make your league night fixture, and your team opts to play a friendly game arranged by Urban Sports, the standard game fee of R320 will apply (A referee will be included, as well as action replays to be recorded). The original league fixture will be rescheduled for a later date. If you have paid in advance, please note that friendly game fees will be charged for separately and are due on the night (As the original fixture will still be arranged later in the season and be covered by your advanced payment).


Teams that have chosen to pay in advance (prior to first game kick-off) will  pay R2500 per team for 9 league games (a full season).

Our Bank Details:

Account Holder: Urban Sports
Account Type: Cheque Account
Bank: First National Bank
Account No: 62599458760
Branch: Rosebank Mall 253305


Please note if you have chosen to make payment per game, then R320 is due by your team per league game. This amount will need to be paid on the night before your fixture starts. Team captains please ensure you arrive with enough time before your fixture to settle your game fees.

Before your game begins, the referee will present your team captain with the score sheet showing your current balance due, and will take payment. Team captains are requested to sign on the score sheet to acknowledge payments received.

All outstanding accounts are for Team Captains to settle, Urban Sports will not follow up with team players, so please ensure you liaise with your team mates and collect the full money before games.

We offer card facilities for both credit and debit cards. Please ask the referee or league official should you want to make use of it. We also offer SnapScan and Zapper for easy payment via your Smartphone. Ask our referees or league officials to see the QR Code (Or view on our website) so that you may scan and pay. Players may also pay via EFT in advance for game fees. Please see our bank details above. Please quote your team name and league night when transferring.

For more information on our payment options and QR codes, please visit

Our 5-a-Side Rule Book

Our rule book is available for viewing online and downloading at

Please familiarise yourself and your team players with our rules. Rules do differ from 5-a-side arenas, and if you have not played at Urban Sports before, we suggest going over our rules before starting your first league game.

The very basics you need to know:

Strictly NO metal studs will be allowed. Players with incorrect footwear will not be allowed to play. We recommend artificial turf/astro turf boots.

Maximum of 8 players per team per league game. 5 on the field and 3 substitutes. There are no limits to how many times a player may substitute.

Referees may make use of a green card which requires a player to “cool down” on the bench for 2 minutes (Substitution Allowed). A yellow card results in a player being sent off for 5 minutes (No Substitution Allowed) and lastly a red card results in a player being sent off for the remainder of the game with NO substitution allowed.

If 25 minutes or more have been played, and the game is abandoned for any reason (weather, fighting etc), the result at the time will stand.

Strictly no alcohol is to be brought on to the Marks Park premises. There is a fully licensed bar available to players and spectators.


The winning team from each league night division will be awarded full 5-a-side soccer kits. This includes 7 matching shirts, shorts and socks. A different style shirt will be provided for your team goal keeper. Sizes and confirmation of style will be arranged at the end of the season. Please note that in order for your team to be eligible for your prize should you top your division, you must be paid up in full for all league fixtures on the conclusion of your teams last game, as well as have completed (and caught up) all your league fixtures (“No Shows or more than one cancellation will result in teams not being eligible for the winners prize). No concessions will be made.

The top scorer per league night division will also be awarded the golden boot award and receive a pair of Adidas 5-a-side turf boots at the end of the season.

During our Winter 2016 Season, we will be running a promotion for the top goal scored per week. This will be judged by Urban Sports via our Action Replay video system, and posted online for all players to see. Each week, one winner across all leagues will be awarded a prize of either a soccer ball, or a voucher redeemable at Marks Parks Bar and Restaurant. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the goal of the week.

At the end of the season, the best goal of the week will be chosen by Urban Sports, and the scorer will be awarded a pair of Adidas 5-a-side turf boots.

Please note any prizes awarded may not be exchanged for cash.


Bibs are provided should your team not have matching kit. Please speak to your Urban Sports League official should you wish to purchase matching kits for your team.

Action Replay Videos

Each league night, our referees will record all goals scored directly to our website and YouTube channels for players to watch. Each time a goal is scored, the last 20 seconds of saved video footage is directly uploaded online and categorised under a playlist for teams to watch after the game. The playlist is saved with the name of the home and away team, as well as the fixture date and time. You can watch and share your videos online by going to our YouTube channel, or watching directly on our website.

Website YouTube Channel (Subscribe for Updates)



Keep it clean and have fun! We want all players to have a great time at our venue.

We’ve instructed our referees to be firm but fair. We ask that you treat all referees and players with respect, and understand that the referee’s word is final.

Fighting, racism, threatening and/or intimidating behaviour towards referees, players, spectators or management will NOT be tolerated!

Players who get involved in any form of physical fighting will be asked to leave and not return to Urban Sports.

Please review our Rule Book online for more info on conduct.

Safety and Security

We ask that all players and spectators keep hold of their possessions at all times. We suggest players take any bags with belongings they have brought with them and secure them on the field in the goal mouth during their games, or with a friend on the side line. Leaving bags on the stands unattended during games is NOT recommended.

Please not our venue is monitored by CCTV cameras however Urban Sports, its managers and employees will not be held liable for any loss, theft, damage or personal injury suffered by any players or visitors to our Urban Sports Marks Park premises.

Players or visitors will be held liable for any intentional or malicious damage done to the property or facilities at the Urban Sports Marks Park premises.

Should you need any further information, please contact your league night official (listed above),  view our FAQ’s or contact us via our website.

Once again, a big welcome and we wish you and your team the best of luck from all of us here at Urban Sports.


League Fixtures and Standings